Saving Grace (Serve and Protect Series Book 2)

So much so that she sometimes wanted to scream. Obviously, he needed her to affirm her return to health more forcefully. Ray leaned against the cupboard as he waited for the kettle to boil. But nothing had tested him quite like this. Greenfield alluded to could excise the bastard so neatly. The word brought down the cascade of visuals he alternately tortured himself with and ruthlessly suppressed.

His wife, another man. Grace welcoming another man, opening her arms for him, parting her legs —.

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June 17, at 9: Open Preview See a Problem? Nope not gonna say it I love a good amnesia themed book. Oct 22, Stevie rated it really liked it Shelves:

The shrill scream of the kettle dragged him back from the edge of madness. Back to the problem at hand. He threw two tea bags in the pot and added boiling water. Thank God for that puritanical streak her mother had instilled in her. How long would it take for her memory to return? Greenfield had urged him not to force the matter, allowing Grace to remember by herself. But there was a limit to how much a man could take, a limit Ray feared he was rapidly approaching. And where was this jerk? The kind who fears the righteous wrath of a man who carries a gun for a living.

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With a fierce oath, he drove the violent fantasy from his mind. Satisfying as it was, it was only fantasy. Grimly, he put the teapot on the tray, along with the weekly rag containing the story he knew she was going to hate. Willing his face blank, he lifted the tray and headed to the bedroom. But it was literally a bit , a barely-there scrap of lace.

Smooth and touchable as silk, straight as a waterfall, it was her one vanity. She tossed it back again and drew one knee up, striving for a sexy pose. She was far too jittery to pull this off. Ridiculous to get so twisted out of shape over the prospect of seducing her own husband. While he accepted her touch, she sometimes got the soul-shriveling impression he had to fight himself not to shake her off.

Now that she was so much better, he hardly touched her at all. Oh, God, what if his distance sprang from more than concern about her injuries? What if he found her efforts at seduction crass? What if he turned her down? Grace pressed a hand to her stomach. Way to go, Gracie.

When he comes in, you can be wearing that whipped puppy look you get when you think about Mama. No, she needed to think positive thoughts. She needed to show Ray she was a well woman. Abandoning the magazine, she rolled onto her back. Closing her eyes, she imagined Ray approaching the bed, looking down at her with those smoldering, hooded eyes.

Her breathing grew short. Something — not noise, for Ray always moved soundlessly as a cat — made her open her eyes. Grace shook the dismal thought away. Even as a blush warmed her face, she drew herself up on her elbows. Her words had the effect of unfreezing him. His movements jerky, he approached the bed, putting the tray down on the night table.

To counter her flagging assurance, she reminded herself how much he loved seeing her in his shirts. She took a deep breath, drew herself up on her knees. Ray sloshed the tea he was pouring. With a muffled oath, he put the teapot down and snatched the newspaper up before it could become totally saturated. Grace shrank back as he shook droplets off the newspaper. Her face burning, she took the paper, more as a physical shield to hide her humiliation than anything else, but the photo at the bottom of the page drew her eye. The sight of her crumpled Mustang, its roof peeled back grotesquely, struck her hard.

Without warning, her mind lurched backward. She was in her car, hurtling through the night, the road black, unwinding in her headlights like a shiny snake. Her hands gripped the wheel, and her heart was heavy with misery. Oncoming cars, their headlights brilliant blobs through the prism of her tears. Tires catching the graveled shoulder. That sick feeling when she started to lose it. She accepted it automatically. The idea seemed somehow both right and wrong. And what was she doing out that late? She searched his face for long moments. He spoke the truth, she decided at last.

But he also lied. Her stomach took a plunge. Testing her memory, not reminiscing. She heard the splash of water, then he was back, wet cloth in hand. Ray appreciated a really fine shirt. Suddenly, it seemed imperative that she save the shirt. Ray perched beside her on the edge of the bed and gently applied the cold cloth to the red flesh at the top of her thigh. As he bent over his task, Grace studied his lean face, so infinitely dear to her.

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Deep grooves bracketed a sensual mouth, and sandy brown hair sprang back from a high, smooth forehead. His downcast lashes lay sooty against his dark skin, shielding warm brown eyes. A muscle leapt in his jaw and he lowered his gaze again. Something terrifying loomed at the edge of memory, just beyond her grasp. Would it ever be okay again?

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Norah Wilson hits another one out of the park with book two in the Serve and Protect series. --The Romance Reviews "She (Wilson) . Saving Grace: Book 2 in the Serve and Protect Series (Volume 2) [Norah Wilson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After wrecking her car.

A shudder racked her. His head came up again and she met his eyes, realizing with a shock that they were as pain-filled as hers must be. Her fear took another leap. He groaned, pulling her into his arms. She pressed herself against him, seeking to obliterate the fear bleeding into her soul from that dark, shrouded corner in her mind. Love me , she begged silently, her hands roaming his back. He crushed her against his chest, trapping her arms and burying her face against his neck. Oh, Lord, he was going to rock her like a baby. Her arms might be pinned by his embrace, but she still had options.

She opened her mouth on his neck, tasting him with her lips and tongue. Her name on his lips was a growl, a warning she was past heeding. She needed this, needed him. Wriggling on his lap, she inched higher, kissing the underside of his clenched jaw, inhaling the clean scent of the lemongrass soap he used. She dipped her head as though giving up, and he slackened his grip. The instant he did, she leaned into him, using her full weight.

Had he anticipated such a move, she never could have budged him, but as it was, she overbalanced him easily. The next instant she sprawled atop him. The look of astonishment on his face would have been funny, under other circumstances. Quickly, before he could recover his wits, or maybe before she recovered her own, she bent and kissed his slack mouth. For a few heartbeats, he lay there, unresponsive. Fueled by equal parts of fear and need, she kissed him with renewed desperation.

Then, just as she began to despair, she felt him catch fire beneath her. In a single heartbeat, he was right there with her. Trapping her head, tangling his fingers in her hair, he kissed her back. Giddy, she slid her hands over him, glorying in the way he arched up into her. The idea sent bolts of excitement zinging jaggedly along her nerve endings.

Did she dare try? He groaned and pulled her back down.

Serve and Protect Series

Wrapping an arm around her, he rolled her swiftly onto her back, pinning her beneath him. Besides, it was probably best this way. She needed him to take her with an authority that left no room for doubt.

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Grace was still trying to process what had happened when she heard the front door slam. Why he won't sleep in the bed with her. He's not being mean to her exactly, just As if she was living with a stranger. When things finally come to a head and Ray tells her exactly why he won't touch her, she is devastated. She has no memory of another man, an affair or leaving him. This is where it gets good, boys and girls! I loved that the author didn't shy away from honest and sometimes brutal emotion for both Ray and Grace. Ray alternately beats himself up wondering if he could have done more to keep Grace interested, and indulges in hurt pride asking himself why he wasn't good enough for her, and thinking of her with another man.

His grief really got to me a few times and I found myself tearing up, knowing what he didn't know about Grace's situation. Grace for her part is devastated. There's just no other way to describe it. She can't remember another man or an affair. She can't imagine why she would ever leave the man she loves more than herself. All the "evidence" points to just that though and it makes for some really emotional scenes between them. But now we start to find out why Grace had her wreck. Why someone is now trying to kill Ray. And why she herself is in danger.

You see, view spoiler [Grace stumbled onto some serious shit with the Russian mob while researching a story hide spoiler ] and in retaliation they have targeted her cop husband and herself. When Ray view spoiler [finally figures out what is really going on, and that Grace never truly cheated on him hide spoiler ] this takes yet another good angsty turn! The only reason I'm not giving this a 5 star review is that the ending turned into a mini Harlequin love fest, all wrapped up in a neat bow.

I would have preferred a grittier happy ending. All in all, a great read though. View all 7 comments. If you have already read book 1 i. Guarding Suzannah, you would have already met both Ray and Grace Morgan who were a couple even then. At first, I was surprised to know that book 2 would focus on Grace and Ray, a couple who already seemed to have everything going for them. Little did I know that there was indeed a story worth telling, and a lot of hurdles to be crossed before they both could embrace their love for each Saving Grace is book 2 in the To Serve and Protect series by Norah Wilson.

Little did I know that there was indeed a story worth telling, and a lot of hurdles to be crossed before they both could embrace their love for each other in the truest form. Saving Grace starts at a point that we rarely come across in romance novels. Ray who is reeling from the bombshell that Grace, his wife of 4 years has left him for another man gets the news that Grace has been involved in an accident.

Helpless to do anything else, Ray makes his way towards the hospital, reluctant as he is to put his already bruised and battered emotions on the line. There he finds out that Grace has no recollection whatsoever of leaving him, nor that of her association with any other man apart from her husband. Nursing Grace back to health as she struggles to deal with her memory loss seems to be the cruelest form of torture for Ray who can't help but feel protective towards his wife even though his heart practically bleeds every time he lays eyes on her.

Grace who has no idea of what she has done to earn that cold and distant aloofness that she finds in Ray's eyes is determined that she wouldn't lose the man she loves in this world above everything else. When Ray comes face to face with the fact that both their lives are in danger, and that there is no way of identifying the threat as long as Grace's memory keeps eluding her, both of them are forced to go into hiding to figure out what to do and to evade those who are hellbent on seeing them buried six feet under.

It is this period of forced intimacy that proves to be the pivotal point in the healing process of their relationship, a journey that just left a permanent lump in my throat as I read along. I loved the way how Norah managed to completely surprise me with this one. I was prepared for more of the same as Guarding Suzannah when I picked this one up.

But boy, was I proven wrong right from the first page itself when emotions seeped right through my e-reader and made me impatient to find out every little bit I could about both Ray and Grace. In the end, I couldn't have asked for a better story, nor a better or more fitting ending for a couple who literally goes through emtional hell and back to finally reach their very well deserved happily ever after. And for someone who rarely cries over books or movies, Norah definitely managed to do just that to me today. The one thing that totally made the book for me was Ray's character. From the first page itself, oh wait let me backtrack, ever since I encountered his character in Guarding Suzannah, I have been dying to know what would make the overly polished and controlled Raymond Morgan tick.

And Norah certainly delivered on all counts with his character as he totally and irrevocably laid seige on every single emotion I had left to spare and then some. He is tender, generous, kind and on top of all that the way he takes care of Grace even when his heart is being torn into pieces just makes him one of the best heroes ever! And when he does finally let go of his legendary control in the bedroom, all my senses joined up and chanted, "Oh yes Ray baby, you should let go more often!

Grace's character is not one to be left behind as I gush on about the things that worked for me. When I started reading, I was totally prepared to hate Grace's guts cos in my world, there is nothing worse than hurting a delcious hero for whom my heart just bleeds. But then again, I should have known better and from the moment Grace finds comfort in Ray's arms whilst at the hospital, I knew absolutely that there was no way that this woman could hurt the man she loves intentionally.

I found myself in awe of the way Grace shaped up to a totally new and better version, one with a backbone of steel that earned my wholehearted approval as she sets out to right what she has done wrong and of course make Ray give ALL of himself to her. Recommended for fans of delicious heroes, fans of romantic suspense and of course fans of the series and Norah Wilson. This is a series that I have a feeling will just continue to get better with each book!

My quotes included below the review. The second in the series To Serve and Protect. I didn't read the first one but I think I will. This story involves a married couple. Grace, the wife, tells her cop husband, Ray, she loves someone else and leaves him. The story begins when Ray gets the call that his wife has been in a car accident. Grace is experiencing some memory loss and doesn't understand how she could betray her husband like that. But all is not as it seems sometimes and Grace and Ray find themselves on the lam from a killer The second in the series To Serve and Protect.

But all is not as it seems sometimes and Grace and Ray find themselves on the lam from a killer. I was unsure about reading this after seeing the synopsis. It really didn't sound good to me. But I was glad I gave it a chance. There were a few things that didn't seem feasible to me but this is fiction and nothing was too obvious. Overall I found it to be a good read. Jul 13, D. But on her way out of town, she has an accident, gets knocked in the head and forgets why she was leaving. The husband is crushed thinking that his wife could have betrayed him but nurses back to health anyway.

Then, they find some weird stuff that doesn't add up and they have to uncover the mystery as to why she left the man she loved deeply. There's a lot of angst on both sides. She cannot believe she could have been unfaithful and the husband cannot help but keep asking what he did wrong. This back and forth was the best part of the book because you saw genuine feelings of hurt, betrayal, anger, guilt, you name it.

The weakest part of the book was the romantic suspense plot. I couldn't believe Grace as an investigative journalist - she didn't seem too bright I really liked the setting in Canada and wished we'd had more detail about the town for a while it was difficult to figure out how big or small it was. I enjoyed it though and will probably check out the rest of the series I read it without reading the first in the series and didn't feel like I missed anything so it can be read as a standalone.

Dec 19, Redheads Review it Better rated it it was amazing Shelves: Where to start, where to start. I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn't even start reading a Norah Wilson book without having the time to sit down and read it with no interruptions. My husband found that I can become very snippy if he interrupts my reading of her books.

I really enjoy romantic suspense novels and this definitely falls into my top five in that category. It probably has something to do with the fact that the guys are cops and being that my ball in chain is one I tend to lov Where to start, where to start. It probably has something to do with the fact that the guys are cops and being that my ball in chain is one I tend to love these types of stories. Well enough about how great I find Norah's books, let's get into some reviewing shall we? They seem like the perfect couple.

The Perfections of Love, Part 2 (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

At the beginning of this book, we are thrown for a loop when Grace tells Ray that she is leaving him for someone else. So while getting nice and drunk, not thinking it could get any worse, Ray gets a call from his boss, Quigg who we met in the first book. Grace has been in a car accident and is asking for him. After Quigg convinces him to go see Grace, he realizes quick that she can't remember what has happened the past couple days. Not knowing what else to do, Ray brings Grace home to help her heal in the hopes that she will remember her lost memories.

It becomes perfectly clear how important it is that she remembers when bullets start flying and his and Grace's lives are on the line. Grace has no clue why Ray is being so distant. She can freeze ice cubes on his shoulder with how cold his is being towards her.

When she tries to make a pass at him, Ray finally tells her the last thing she would think would come out of his mouth. She had an affair with someone else and was leaving him when she got her accident. Tired of being stepped on and treated with kid gloves, she decides to put her big girl panties on and deal with her situation. The more she finds out, the more their lives are put in danger. What is she not able to remember that is putting their lives in stake and can she protect her and Ray's heart from getting hurt again in the process?

I love when I get to that pivotal point in Norah's books where my heart is racing from the action that is going on. Oh and I'm pretty sure at one point I was talking to myself while reading I was so into the book. At least my husband wasn't around to give me weird looks or point out that I am a weirdo.

Oct 21, Patty rated it liked it Shelves: Re-read this yesterday and I still enjoyed it: May 06, Christina T rated it liked it Shelves: I love a good amnesia themed book. I don't know why. They all tend to be pretty similar to tell the truth. I just like the way we readers discover who the character is and what makes them tick along with said character. Or, in Grace's case, find out why she was really leaving her husband who she loves with her whole heart according to Grace, herself.

This book really fit the bill when it comes to that amnesia theme. She can't remember her accident or the few days before it happened so we discover her motives as she remembers them. Also, the addition of some unaccounted for money in Grace's possession, a sniper shooting at Ray, the couple running from the cops and the bad guys, someone sabotaging Ray's vehicle, and Ray's animosity, while trying to take care of Grace despite her leaving him for another man made this book pretty darned good Grace's character seemed to be all over the place.

She's described one way and acts completely different making her feel bipolar rather than a woman growing into a character of strength. The book keeps telling the reader that both couples were so in love and their relationship was pretty darned good but finding out that it wasn't all rainbows and lollipops made me feel lied to rather than in awe of their relationship development. And the sexual aspect of the book felt off also. One sex scene even made the characters wince and when they finally came together in reconciled sexual bliss the timing couldn't have been more off.

When one purposely creates mayhem for very bad people perhaps having all night monkey sex isn't the best idea nor, come to think about it, is running out for donuts the next morning a great move either. But Gracie wanted a honey cruller! With the plot, frankly, I was a little confused as to how the heck Ray was able to put Grace's puzzle together when she left him for the second time, or as I like to say, when Grace became TSTL.

Oh and the surprise reveal about Grace's condition Which could lead to another rant if I'm not careful. Nope not gonna say it What woman in her right mind would willingly try to get killed knowing it would be a death sentence for her unborn child? There, I totally spoiled the big reveal for you. Completely unnecessary at that point in the book and only proved how much this couple shouldn't be together since their relationship was built on lies and disappointment anyway.

Oh and Ray's police nickname Not super cool if Dodgeball is your favorite movie. The first part of the book was actually pretty good and I'll continue reading the rest of the series because of it. May 03, Tina rated it really liked it. While Grace and Ray are on the run, as well described in other reviews, what I found the most interesting about her writing is how she took two people and opened them up to the reader, telling a story of how we can build a shadow life for ourselves, living within a mythical self-portrait — and how that shadow life can nearly destroy both you and the people you love.

Another thing I liked very much about the story, in this same vein, is the growth of Grace as a person as she began to walk out of that shadow and find herself as a person. The amnesia portion of the book is well researched and realistic, unlike other books that plunge into the murky waters of the far-from-common total amnesia, Norah handles the situation with an extremely deft hand. Overall, this book was a very nice way to fill a few hours.

The characters are highly believable, the story line interesting and not overdone. I have been a reader all my life. My favorite reads are Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and Suspense, especially when they feature strong female characters and action. As an Indie Editor I am here to help writers reach their goals by helping them develop books that are clean, well edited and a pleasure to read.

My schedule if flexible, and my rates are quite reasonable! I have been a quilter for years, and absolutely love doing home renovation — not something I can do very well any more, but hey, at least I got that stupid fan up! I love animals, the environment and food. I have a big garden to supplement my organic purchases, and eat a lot of greens! Technically, I have a Masters Degree in Forensics and a Bachelors in Math neither of which I utilize, fancy that as well as a Bachelors in English Literature from long ago in a land far, far away.

But hey, if I can get this editing and reviewing off the ground, at least I will be using that one!