Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor H. Porter (Halcyon Classics)

Another great Porter book and a fabulous sequel. I just love all of these characters!

View all 12 comments. Dec 27, Paula Vince rated it really liked it Shelves: In the first half of the book, Pollyanna is sent to stay with Mrs Ruth Carew, a lady in deep depression because her beloved little nephew was taken away by his eccentric father. Even though her brother-in-law has passed away, little Jamie's whereabouts are still unknown.

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These days he'd be on the missing person files. Ruth can't bear not knowing whether he's suffering, or even dead. There in Boston, Pollyanna continues her tradition of helping people transform their lives, including Jamie, a crippled boy in a wheelchair, who might even turn out to be Mrs Carew's lost nephew. Although Jamie plays his own version of Pollyanna's 'Game', he's not as good at it as she is.

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Possibly because he seems to have the typecast despondent, creative temperament of a literary author. In the second half, Pollyanna is in her early twenties. Jamie and Jimmy have grown up too, of course, so there is plenty of romance in the air. Aunt Polly is now a widow, and back to her crabby old self.

All sorts of lovers' tangles and mix-ups take place. There were so many, "So-and-so is madly in love with So-and-So's" which were way off track, while it's probably clear to every reader how the three couples are going to end up being paired off. Pollyanna turns out to be a very dutiful girl, who will defer to her elders when it comes to choosing a spouse.

It's a dated outlook thankfully , which I doubt modern young readers would go for or understand. She ends up with the man her heart chooses, but only after clearing it with Aunt Polly, then Uncle John first!

There are a few loose ends, which tighter, more modern editing might have addressed. When the identity of Ruth's nephew is finally revealed, nobody seems to think of telling her sister, Della the nurse, who surely deserved to know the truth as much as Ruth. It bothered me that she wasn't on the very small list of people who would learn the secret. Still, it was a very enjoyable read and I was glad Pollyanna ended up with the guy who was perfect for her, which says a lot for him, as Pollyanna is such a super-heroine. But being Pollyanna, and being a wholesome nineteenth century plot, she found a way to please her aunt and get her man at the same time.

This book was a bit strange as it was definitely a 2-in-1 story. The first half of the book starts soon after the first book ended and Pollyanna is now 12, and not 11 years old as she was in the first book.

The story involves her aunt and uncle leaving for Germany and so Pollyanna goes to live with an acquaintance in Boston in an effort to cheer up the sad, lonely, negative woman. The second half of the book picks up when Pollyanna is 24 years old! Her new uncle has p This book was a bit strange as it was definitely a 2-in-1 story. Her new uncle has passed away and her aunt is going through bouts of depression.

They are all also relatively penniless as most of their money has been lost in bad deals. But the story really isn't about that, but about romantic mix-ups that get straightened out near the end. The first half gets about 3.

Pollyanna Grows Up

However, I just love Porter's writing style. I love how easily she makes people come to life and so it was an enjoyable read. The second half however was not. I still enjoyed her writing style, it's just that the second half presented a major schism in the story and the story lost its flow. The entire thing was completely predictable, and every misunderstanding thoroughly clear to the reader.

And I think the most preposterous part was when Pollyanna insisted on marrying someone near the end no worries, I'm not giving it away! But you'll see when you get there. It will baffle you too. Nonetheless I do recommend the book to people who did enjoy Pollyanna and want to know what happens to her and to her life.

I do think that the story overall would have been better if this book was divided into 2 separate novels, and those 2 separate stories were more fully developed. I think it would also help if the time gap of 12 years was reduced Still though the whole book has a warm feel like a good episode of Road to Avonlea and makes you feel that Pollyanna and the gang, despite being from Vermont, have really all been sneakily living in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island along with all of Anne's friends that's Anne of Green Gables!

Anywho, I'll probably give this book something between 2 and 3 stars. It's just that the second half ruined it for me a bit, but not completely! Maksudku-- setelah mengistirahatkan mataku dari kejenuhan tentunya. Buku kali ini, terjemahannya sudah membaik. Tapi typo tetap mewarnai haha.

Apalagi saat saya sudah mulai meraba-raba arah plotnya yang lagi-lagi, tebakan saya mendapat top-notch. Kesampingk Pollyanna Grows Up Plot: Kesampingkan segala kemalasan yang saya rasakan. Masuk pertengahan buku saat Pollyanna dewasa, sudah mulai ada dinamika baru. Mungkin karena teks percakapannya makin pendek phew! Saya menikmati bagian ini lebih dari yang lain. Terutama bagian dimana Pollyanna tidak mencoba bermain.

Itu bagi saya bagian terbaik. Tapi sekali lagi, plot romannya yang menggulung dan dibuat ribet oleh tokohnya masing-masing bagi saya yang berdarah panas, itu terlalu-- dipanjang-panjangkan. Yah itulah, Pollyanna Grows Up! View all 5 comments. May 27, Amanda Lila rated it liked it. Pollyanna shown in ''Pollyanna Grows Up'', isn't the same as the one shown in the first book. She really got my nerves on.

Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor H. Porter - Audiobook ( Part 2/2 )

Jul 28, Angie Thompson rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this book so much! The second half even more than the first, although the first half is important to the second. Even if it does contain the most convoluted imaginary love polygon in the history of literature. Seriously, though, every time I go to diagram this thing, my mind threatens to explode.

Meantime, Y loves X but is afraid X might be falling in love with A. Z really loves B, despite X's suspicions, but B is af I love this book so much! And then just as Z declares his love for B and everyone takes a gasp of relief, Z throws another monkey wrench into the whole thing, declaring positively that C loves Y, to the great dismay not only of X but also of A, who is secretly in love with C. There, that wasn't so complicated, was it? Would it be easier if I broke it up by character?

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Let's try it, just because I'm having way too much fun with this. Carew; later fears that Mr.

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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up-Unloved and unwanted, orphan Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor H. Porter (Halcyon Classics) - Kindle edition by Eleanor H. Porter. Download it once and read it on your. Pollyanna & Pollyanna Grows Up (Wordsworth Classics) [Eleanor H Porter] on yaconto.ru *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Pollyanna Whittier.

Pendleton might love Pollyanna; knows just about nothing ; Jamie - actually loves Sadie; thankfully isn't afraid that anyone else loves her or that she loves anyone, although other circumstances delay his declaring his love; thinks that Mr. Pendleton loves Pollyanna Sadie - actually loves Jamie; fears that Pollyanna loves Jamie; doesn't really know or think anything else Mrs.

Carew - actually loves Mr. Pendleton; fears that Mr. Pendleton loves Pollyanna; doesn't know or think anything else of consequence Mr. Pendleton - actually loves Mrs. Carew; also thankfully doesn't fear that she loves anyone or that anyone loves her; scares Pollyanna to death by vaguely asking whether someone could ever be made to love him, making her think he is going to propose There, wasn't that better? But since the whole thing is purely imaginary, a couple of pulls on just the right threads brings it all into place. Of course, the whole thing could also have been avoided if a couple of other people hadn't insisted on being overwhelmingly sweet and noble and not declaring their own love when it wouldn't have been fair to their perceived competition.

Not so much talking about the heroic martyr bits here, more just little bits of things that defy real hard feelings. And the one actual sacrifice in the end just melts my heart every time. And so much more meaningful and heartfelt than his earlier heroic martyrdom. I love Pollyanna as a young woman and think the author did a great job of taming down her childish exuberance while still keeping her essentially Pollyanna.

She's still her same down-to-earth, cheerful, honest self--just grown up. I can't help loving Jimmy, even when he's being particularly frustrating. Also see the previous spoiler. And Jamie just entirely steals my heart. They're both wonderful characters, but they'd be totally wrong together. Jamie needs Sadie, who doesn't feel sorry for him, and Pollyanna needs Jimmy, who she can lean on without fear. They'd have made each other miserable as a couple. Padahal saya belum baca Pollyanna buku pertama, tapi "permainan sukacita"-nya udah langsung tertanam di diri saya.

Pollyanna & Pollyanna Grows Up

Saya sempet bersikap agak skeptis di awal-awal cerita. Saya sempet merasa sebal sama Pollyanna yang terlalu polos dalam menanggapi segala hal, bahwa semuanya akan baik-baik saja, bahwa semua orang dapat be Baguuuuuuuuuuusss!!! Saya sempet merasa sebal sama Pollyanna yang terlalu polos dalam menanggapi segala hal, bahwa semuanya akan baik-baik saja, bahwa semua orang dapat berbahagia.

Tapi toh, sikap Pollyanna perlahan-lahan makin manusiawi karena sebelumnya sangat malaikatiwi xD seiring makin dewasanya ia. Pollyanna jadi tahu bahwa gak semua orang bisa mendapatkan apa yang mereka inginkan, dan bahwa dirinya gak melulu mampu berbuat sesuatu untuk semua orang.

Saya sempet agak gimana-gimana pas peralihan 6 tahun yang kosong selama Pollyanna dan keluarganya di Jerman. Kayaknya banyak hal yang terlewatkan dan bikin saya gak puas di satu sisi. Tapi, setelah itu, cerita saat Pollyanna dewasa dan bertemu kembali dengan kawan-kawan lamanya bikin saya tenggelam lagi dalam cerita, mengesampingkan tahun-tahun di Jerman yang hanya diceritakan dalam beberapa paragraf. Saya merasa lucu banget pas bagian cerita berfokus pada percintaan di bab-bab akhir.

Semua orang tenggelam dalam prasangkanya masing-masing mengenai siapa mencintai siapa, padahal semuanya keliru. Tapi, perkiraan saya hampir tepat semua! Siapa akan berpasangan sama siapa, semua tebakan saya tepat! Cuma, ada satu yang benar-benar di luar dugaan saya: Buku ini--di luar dugaan--ternyata cepet banget saya selesaiin. Sempet gak bisa berenti nangis di beberapa bagian juga hehe Dimulai dari sampul, saya lumayan suka ilustrasinya. Cantik, sederhana, dan terkesan klasik. Apa-apaan font judul yang bulat-bulat dan kekanakan gitu??? Udah dua tahun semenjak saya melepaskan jabatan editor, jadi saya udah lupa sama nama-nama font.

Masalahnya, font judul--yang notabene pasti akan jadi pusat perhatian orang pertama kali saat melihat buku ini--malah berkesan terlalu simpel, terlalu bulat, terlalu kekanakan, yang menandakan tukang sampulnya itu "terlalu malas". Rasanya pengen saya samperin yang milih font judul dan neriakin dia: Ini cerita klasik--meski memang masih termasuk golongan young-adult, tapi tetap cerita klasik. As if you weren't living all the time! You breathe all the time you're asleep, but you aren't living. I mean living—doing the things you want to do: Tom in the garden, and Nancy, and finding out all about the houses and the people and everything everywhere all through the perfectly lovely streets I came through yesterday.

That's what I call living, Aunt Polly. Just breathing isn't living! And changed the way I now look at Mondays forever! But let me tell ye. Un par to ir prieks. Readers who enjoyed "Anne of Green Gables". My daughter preferred the first book "Pollyanna," because she could relate more with Pollyanna's youthful adventures. And, I will admit, I found the sequel "Pollyanna Grows Up" geared more toward my tastes, which centered around adult-like events.

We equally thought that the final ending was a bit too much like a fairy-tale. It is our recommendation that you read "Pollyanna" as a stand alone. Jan 30, Carol Stark rated it really liked it. A very encouraging book. The most inspirational book ever! Great book both for children and for adults. There are two stories in this book. I've finished the first one and really liked it! But it ended so abruptly. The author got so very close to resolution, then added a final chapter might as well have been called an epilogue which jumped way ahead and used narrative to wind things up.

I'll add more commentary once I've finished the second story in the book. Really liked thi There are two stories in this book. Really liked this one too! My only complaint is that part of the way through the story, from one chapter to the next, seven years had passed! That was so incredibly jarring! She is far more artistic than academic and I hope to expand that perspective to including reading as an equal player in her life.

We began reading this Kindle version of the book. About halfway thru I stumbled over a printed version which included pictures. I asked her if the pictures were what she had thought the characters looked. She said no, I smiled - thinking, hoping, she has taken a step into the world of reading. I asked her if we should get a version with pictures and she replied "No, this is more fun", and I smiled taking that as a sign of of another step into into the world of reading. For a second grader she is pretty shrewd, I think she gets that from her Mom, who certainly didn't get it from her Dad: After reading this book for myself, I have to bite back correcting people who say "She's such a Pollyanna" when they mean that a person is in deep denial about the negatives of a situation.

Pollyanna Grows Up (Pollyanna #2) by Eleanor H. Porter

Porter's Pollyanna is well aware of the negative side of things. When she can, she makes an active choice to look for the good. Even she is sometimes confronted with something too horrible to "gladify. The many characters Pollyanna meets throughout her small town are appealingly drawn - even the cranky ones - and Pollyanna's effect on everyone is magical.

See a Problem?

For a cynical woman like me, that's quite the shift! It would make a perfect read-aloud with your kids except for the unfortunately frequent use of "she ejaculated" to mean "she cried" or "she exclaimed. I loved the movie as a child, and found the book to be beautifully written. Porter's novel is much richer than the movie with its depth of character and its message. The book challenges us to step outside of our preconceived boxes and treat all with respect. I read it on the plane to the east coast and found myself smiling and shedding tears of both joy and sadness.

I don't ever remember reading this story, but I hear remarks of folks referring to other people as "a Pollyanna".. Pollyanna was taught to make a game of finding things to be glad about in a bad situation. She inspired a whole town with her game. Will she convince her Aunt Polly, though? I do think it's what our wounded warriors do without knowing Pollyanna.