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Our jobs are quite literally killing us. Stress creates cortisol, which attacks our bodies and affects our mood, judgment, and energy level. Though we may not be able to remove the stress from the job, we can change the way we approach our working life. By taking responsibility for our own happiness. That means controlling two things: And thats why the book offers two kinds of recipes: The two kinds of recipes work in perfect tandem to put the reins of happiness back into our own hands.

Wills 8 Happiness Recipes are designed to build life-enhancing new habits, from the beginning of the day till the end, so that we can create TRUE happiness at home and on the job. The delicious food recipes are designed to keep our energy and optimism high and our bodies clean and vital, from breakfast till bedtime, so that we can rise above the toxicity that often surrounds us.

Y.O.U. & the Ultimate Life Tool Audiobook by Dr. Zannah Hackett

Follow the recipes and become happy. It really is that simple. Contact me for any questions: The Book of Forgiving: The Book of Forgiving, written together by the Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and his daughter Revd Mpho Tutu, offers a deeply personal testament and guide to the process of forgiveness. All of us have at times needed both to forgive and be forgiven - whether small, everyday harms or real traumas. But the path to forgiveness is not easy, and the process unclear. How do we let go of resentment when we have been harmed, at times irreparably?

How do we forgive and still pursue justice?

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Collection times vary, please wait for your Ready to Collect email before visiting the warehouse. Therein also lay the anatomy of the Tone Scale and both the reason for an individuals downward descent and the means to ascend upward. Some people have given up all their hopes altogether, thinking that there s simply no cure for addiction. But that was only Plan A, laying the groundwork for further research into life force. Toxic situations and dis-ease are identified and explained when these needs are not met. Stop looking, you've just found it. You might be well today, but you might go back to your old habit tomorrow.

How do we heal our hearts? How do we heal the harm we have caused others? And how do we forgive ourselves? Drawing on his memories of reconciliation in post-apartheid South Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu offers four concrete steps to forgiving and being forgiven: Each chapter contains reflections and personal stories, as well as exercises for practising each step of the path. The Book of Forgiving is a touchstone and tool for anyone seeking the freedom of forgiveness: Click here to refresh the feed.

The bolt from the blue that began a worldwide movement. For here is L. Ron Hubbards landmark book presenting his discovery of the reactive mind that underlies and enslaves Man.


Its the source of nightmares, unreasonable fears, upsets and insecurity. And here is the way to get rid of it and achieve the long sought goal of Clear. This is the complete handbook of Dianetics procedure and, with it, any two reasonably intelligent people can break the chains that have held them prisoner to the upsets and trauma of the past.

A bestseller for more than half a century and with tens of millions of copies in print, translated in more than fifty languages and used in more than countries of Earth, Dianetics is indisputably the most widely read and influential book about the human mind ever written. And for that reason, it will forever be known as Book One. This audiobook is in Dutch. From the Edge of the CliffSubtitle: From the Edge of the Cliff: However, it is also a remarkably touching, real-life story of someone who has used these same lessons to maintain 28 years of successful recovery.

This audiobook contains an entire section on the hazards of drugs prescribed by physicians not well versed in addiction recovery. Listen to information about the dangers of using "legal drugs" that may sabotage your recovery and trigger relapse. It is rare to find in one book the combination of an instructive, addiction-recovery resource and an unfettered look into the world of the "addict next door".

How to Be MotivatedSubtitle: Part 1 How to Feel Awesome! How to Be Motivated is Vol.

It is part of a set of books that will help you to achieve long lasting change and success in your life in a wide variety of areas. It is meant to be a blueprint to help you to discover ways that you can increase your daily motivation, which will then lead to a higher success rate when it comes to achieving your goals. This book, like all the others in the series, is a quick read from a very real perspective that can be read on its own or along with the others to build a foundation in your quest to create change in your life.

If you're ready to be more inspired in your own life, then How to Be Motivated: A Blueprint for Increasing Your Motivation is for you! Becoming a Better Me!

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It is a tool that we use daily to inspire our own personal growth. These affirmations helped to birth our career success and entrepreneurship. We began speaking these same affirmations daily and it changed our lives. Our thinking patterns shifted from being negative to a more positve can do attittude. Goals we have planned to accomplish over the years became more obtainable because of our shifted focus.

Don't focus on what seems impossible focus on creating a strategy that makes the impossible become possible. Successful people are solutioned oriented; they spend very little time focusing on the problem.

This audiobook helps you to become solution oriented, it is a tool proven to change your outlook on life. We were compelled to share our starategy with the world, everyone should have the opportunity to become successful. Becoming successful starts with changing your life's perspective. If you are looking for personal growth and self-development, this audiobook is for you.

The affirmations are simple, short, yet very powerful, and life changing. We challenge you to start the journey to becoming a better you today. You might be well today, but you might go back to your old habit tomorrow. You might be successful in warding off your addiction for a week, but you may see yourself succumb to the same temptations over the next week. All these instances are but common, and many people do experience them.

Keep in mind that It takes more than just determination to solve addiction. The cycle of recovering, then going back to the old ways, can really be frustrating. Some people have given up all their hopes altogether, thinking that there s simply no cure for addiction. But this should never be the case. You can definitely set yourself free from the destructive chains of addiction.

You will not be permanently cured of any addiction unless you address it from the roots, so you can be sure it won t come back ever again. Start your quest against addiction with the proper knowledge! Know your enemy, this is what the learned always say. This is true because only by knowing your enemy s weaknesses can you successfully plan an attack and emerge victorious.

Only then can you totally proclaim total freedom from your addiction! Of the Bishop's DaughterAuthor: Have you been looking for an audiobook that will wow you and give you true inspiration? Stop looking, you've just found it. The author will take you on a journey of spiritual transparency. She will show you how having a relationship with God allowed her to overcome adversity with triumph through faith and perseverance. Though her down-to-earth spiritual experiences will have you at the end of your seat.

You will be able to see how God has moved in troublesome situations. This audiobook is a must listen. The Knowledge of Y. What if you could understand a person by just looking at them? What if you knew what to expect from them in terms of performance, never to experience disappointment again? What if blue eyes, dark skin and thick wavy hair gave you enough information to honor the true nature of such an individual? With the knowledge of Y. If there is a human in the equation, The Ultimate Life Tool can offer solutions to real life challenges. If it's infidelity, fatigue, addiction, an identity crisis, raising a special needs child, creating productive work environments, or just a lack of passion for life, The Ultimate Life Tool offers Natural Solutions to situations that have become problematic because the physical laws of nature have likely been overlooked.

We can easily recognize trees and animals without having to question which is likely to make shade, roar, hop or meow. Yet, we are the only species that cannot see itself in it's own Natural Perfection.

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Instead we form judgments about others based on their dress, their ability to converse, their smell, their car, education, family, story, resume and where they live; all of which tells us nothing about the true nature of an individual. Until we remember how to see each other in our states of authenticity we will continue to impose our own will, opinions and beliefs upon one another only to mimic The Blind leading The Blind. A new understanding and respect for yourself and human nature will manifest and life will simply make sense.

The YOU Consulting Group® YCG, LLC dba The YOU Institute, is dedicated to The ULTIMATE LIFE TOOL®, ULT®, Y.O.U.® THE KNOWLEDGE OF Y.O.U.®. Y.O.U. & the Ultimate Life Tool: The Knowledge of Y.O.U. [Dr. Zannah Hackett, Nanz Zekela] on yaconto.ru *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What if you .

When professional speaker and songwriter Joy Huber was diagnosed with stage four cancer at the young age of 33, she didn't choose to stay angry. She chose to fight using the tremendous power of positivity and lots of humor, even as she went from having shoulder-length hair at diagnosis to bald in six weeks. Journaling for Self Awareness.

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