Feral Spirit

Feral Spirit

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Feral Spirit can be obtained through Classic card packs, through crafting, or as an Arena reward. Golden Feral Spirit can also be obtained. In a recent game against a face hunter I coined Feral Spirit on turn two out of absolute desperation because I had nothing on the board and nothing to play the .

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I might be able to figure it out. Ok I figured it out Your macro should look like this: Last edited by Clefable; at I hope this helps the enhance shaman community, its a pretty cool macro!

Feral Spirit

I agree with the assumption that the most aggressive move is typically best when the game is going to last turns at most and it certainly can feel that way playing against faceroll hunter. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. Red Reserve Invitational 3. The correct play, coming from an ultra TCG Champion for years straight, is to never coin into an overload card, unless you are facing massive pressure. Ok I figured it out Your macro should look like this:

Yeah, putting in the modifiers works for the tooltip. That looks like it may be bumping the character limit.

Feral Spirit — Shaman Card

If so, you can change "modifier" to just "mod" and you'll be well within the limit. Using responses such as Earth Shock liberally is a must, as there are not that many things to silence by the time you can get around to doing so the Timber Wolf is only used to boost Unleash anyways. I would probably not use Lightning as the Overload again would set me back.

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I would prefer to just play Spirit Wolves on turn 3, so that next turn I can atleast totem. I would however play any card instead of that that I drew if it costed 3 or less, provided it trades favourably.

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It's also a bit reading the motions. If he plays his cards fast, it's likely that he will overcommit trying to rush you. If he's slower in playing cards, he may be trying to play around responses, and therefore is more likely to be holding back.


I would be more eager to play feral against someone who plays cards and passes quickly than someone who takes a bit of time and highlights some cards before making his play. Of course, a misread could cost you the game, so be careful doing that. The overload makes decisions difficult. BUT, there is one solution that is better than all those things: I really don't like to coin Feral Spirit s and anyway hunter is almost a guaranteed loss so I would coin if I had nothing better to do.

I was about to make a thread on this one which is relatively close, should Earth Elemental come back in Shaman's deck? The current meta shifted towards aggro a lot. The problem is that since tinkmaster faded out, BGH and black knight are coming back. Anyone gave those earth fellows a shot?

Thanks for your feedback.

I agree with the previous posts, I'd really rather not overload myself into 1 mana on turn 3 unless I was up against something like double Leper Gnome. Case 2 would be the grey area where I'd consider it if I was running a really really slow deck and wouldn't expect to draw a 2 or 3 drop to be used on turn 4 after turn 3 wolves. Keep passing the turn. Nothing to worry about.