Holy Seduction (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents)

Having seen the error of her lustful and self-centered actions she vows to do whatever it takes to get her marriage back on the right track. Randy has chosen to forgive his wife for her transgressions and work with her on restoring their relationship but soon he discovers that trying to do so is definitely easier said than done.

Choosing to lock up a sinful past doesn't mean that it will always stay put. As old lovers emerge and a new female minister joins Oakdale Baptist threatening to steal Denise's spotlight, there is more head-spinning drama surrounding her than can be found in the pages of a gossip magazine.

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Faced with some major decisions, Denise must decide whether to give up her old ways once and for all and be the woman that she's promised to be, or if she will go back to the life that she knows all too well. With higher stakes on the line this time, will the price she has to pay be too expensive for even her fabulous pockets to handle? Holy Revenge gives you an inside look at a woman who has always played the game to her advantage but in turn might be the very one who gets played.

I could not believe what I was reading. Really enjoyed this book. I love the author's style of writing! Definitely some themes that anyone can relate to displayed throughout the book. So there is a reason why we should keep an eye on people. I know denise was wrong in more ways than one, but her husband should have spoke up a long time ago.

Holy Seduction (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents) [Jessica A. Robinson] on yaconto.ru *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thirty-five year old First. Holy Deception (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents) [Jessica A. Robinson] on Holy Revenge her third novel was the sequel to Holy Seduction.

Sadly some times you feel neglected if your needs are not being met physically on a sexual intimacy basis. He took too long to decide he was ready to start again. If only she waiting a little longer.

Holy Revenge (Peace in the Storm Publishing Presents)

And to know that she was sought out to be set up. They say an idle mind is the devils playground and this is clearly the case for her.

With her husband Randy always at a business meeting in regards to the church , it gives this first lady extra free time to wonder about. She doesnt use her free time as most first ladies would by praying or helping out the community, this first lady has found an interest in the bedrooms of other men. Randy is so busy with work that he doesnt really notice what his wife could be up to. While Denise makes it clear shes not really looking to leave her husband because she is so use to the lifestyle which she lives, one of her side pieces doesnt seem to get the fact that its just a little fun between the two.

It could possible be the way Denise handles him by brushing everything under the rug and leading him on. When he boy toy cant take it anymore and threatens her that he wont stop at anything unless they are together things take a turn. With suprises and shocking things that happen to Denise will she be able to keep her affairs a secret much longer or will her bigger secret that shes been keeping force her to reveal all.

Yes this was a really good book. There was some editing issues I wish would have been fixed but overall it really didnt take away too much from the story.

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Denise is something else. She is a first lady that is doing anything but being holy she is breaking many sins and is still able to sit up with the church people and smile in their faces like nothing is happening. Its like she has her cheating down to a science and her poor husband is the one paying for it all. She has a friend she confides in but even her friend warns her that this may all blow up in your face one day but Denise is certain she good at playing the game.

When the game gets flipped on her and shes really no longer in control a lot changes. Will Randy find out the fact that his first lady isnt as holy as he thinks? This is truly a game of Holy Seduction. I was not into reading other genres but, decided to give Christian fiction a try last year and I am glad I did.

Robinson has done it here with Holy Seduction, I could not put this book down. I found myself staying up until the wee hours of the morning reading it and the characters came alive in real color. I could not believe what I was reading and it was a juicy read. You won't regret getting your hands on the tantalizing, spirited, out of bounds delight of Holy Seduction Initially, based on the topic of this book, I thought it was going be a sexually graphic tale.

Actually, this book was not steamy at all. After the first couple of chapters I thought the book wasn't going to be able to hold my attention because it was all about SEX and there wasn't any steam It was very well written although there were several typos and the story flowed very nicely. Yep, the First Lady was out there getting it every chance that she could and the Rev. Hubby was a good as good could be.

I really enjoyed the book a lot and I am hoping that there is a part two because the ending left a lot to be desired! Jessica Robinson because she is a very good story teller and I can see a bright future ahead for her! Don't wait too long to give us book 2, readers don't like that! A bit of a waste of time. Honestly, I normally cannot stop until I finish the book and I did finish this one.. The descriptions of the character's thoughts are way too obvious and give a feel that either she's stupid or does the writer think the reader is? Additionally, the book ends with no ending, abruptly.

As if the writer got sick and tired of writing.

One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. This is a story of a woman married to a minister and breaks a particular commandment on a regular basis. This April 8th, I celebrate the birth of a new baby, my novel, Major Jazz. I feel very good about the great things that will come out of this release, a re-birth. This spring, I celebrate. Come celebrate with me. All the best, Niyah Moore. I am really excited about this project.

It combines two of my passions, history and music. I look forward to tell you all about what inspired me to write this novel and what you can expect out of it. I even have a couple surprises that I will unveil during the party. Most importantly, I am excited to be able to connect with you. One of my favorite parts about this release party being virtual is that it allows me to connect one on one with all of you.

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Write a customer review. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Come celebrate with me. Holy Seduction's premise is this; you may play the game well, but, remember there is always someone who plays the game better than you. There were a couple things that lead me to my rating of this book. Yep, the First Lady was out there getting it every chance that she could and the Rev.

There is no Niyah Moore without you. You guys are really important to me and I love each time I get to talk to you.