Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Map of Astrological Houses

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For more information on ordering any of our products: Astrological charts are demarcated by four primary angles, which provide important symbolic reference points for geographic, spatial, existential, and psychological orientation. Likewise, although the Moon orbits the Earth, it appears to travel completely around the zodiac every lunar month. Major Aspects Although any two objects or points on the ecliptic may form a significant angular relationship or aspect, not all aspects are considered to be equally significant in astrological theory. Grand Trine At least three planets each in trine aspect to the other two planets to form roughly an equilateral triangle. This glossary provides brief definitions of these concepts and other terms specific to archetypal cosmology. In other words, the concept of archetypal multivalence reflects the inherently irreducible nature of archetypal expression, which renders futile all attempts to understand them as univocal or singular manifestations.

Through an investigation of the unique modes and methodologies utilized by each individual practitioner, we may explore human experience via the convergence of domains that rarely speak to one another yet often work in similar and complementary ways. Tickets are now available. Please note that participants and schedules are subject to change.

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic

Please also note that this event has limited seats. Friday, 6 May Saturday, 7 May Julio Mendes Rodrigo 4: He edits and publishes the annual occultural journal The Fenris Wolf, which collects material from the colourful grey area between art and esotericism.

His field of expertise is esoteric art of the 20th century with a specific focus on Austin Osman Spare. In recent years he has also gained note as an independent art curator specializing in the esoteric.

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Khi Armand is an interdisciplinary artist and a spirit-initiated shaman holding additional initiations in such New World traditions as Haitian Vodou, Brazilian Quimbanda, and the Unnamed Path. Katy Bohinc was born November 19, at 6: June 5, in the Western Roman calendar the planet Venus traveled directly between the sun and earth, an event referred to as the Transit of Venus.

Occurring every years or so in 8 year pairs, the Transit of Venus is of unknown and extreme astrological significance.

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Olga Cox Cameron is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Dublin for the past twenty seven years. Her work — equal parts personal narrative, theoretical analysis, and criticism — aims to reconcile the artifice of theory with the reality of lived experience by using her subjectivity means of approaching her subject matter. A detailed description of her creative and professional work, can be found on her website www. There, you can also find ways to be in touch. Also, she loves institutions.

Val Denham, born Because unlike the majority of her generation of UK artists, neither her interest nor her talent!

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Apart from creating richly detailed works which deal with personal themes like her OCD, gender dysphoria and transgender issues, she is also an accomplished portrait artist. Her style is easily identifiable even though she has never limited herself to one particular mode of expression only, she is equally versatile in life-like figurative art as in abstract forms. Two volumes of her art and thoughts have been published by Timeless Editions out of Toulouse in and respectively and met with wide approval.

Apart from releasing her series of handmade CDs of music Val has also collaborated with various bands on her sound works.

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He performs with Theatre Group Dzieci, an experimental theatre group based in NY exploring the sacred through the medium of theatre. Her dance work is documented at sabbaticdance. With Peter Grey she co-founded the esoteric publishing house Scarlet Imprint in Her essays will be gathered in The Brazen Vessel later this year. Graham Duff is a prolific screenwriter, producer and show runner. MODE of Cosmic Therapy IF you are living in a prefabricated neptunian idealized state, in hopes that you or someone slse is going to change, you are refusing the existing reality of your day to day existence.

12 Zodiac Houses & What They Mean

Why have you taken it upon yourself to decided and decalare that a change is needed? For what self-serving constructed purpose have you wrought about the supposed 'presecription' for betterment? It is written in ancient texts: Take the Self Improvement Tour.

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Paula Andrea Pyle, MA. Who Cares for the Children of the Incarcerated: